If you are a small business owner like me you need to accept credit cards. Customers often prefer using cards to cash in person. When they shop online, they have little choice. The problem for merchants is that credit card processors charge a lot of money for each transaction or swipe.

Is there a way to accept cards without merchant accounts?

This is a question I asked myself. I was working with a merchant service for a few years. They made it easy enough to take credit cards in person, by phone and online. The only issue I had was every month they would take out a different sum of money from my bank account to pay them for their processing fees.

When I would look over the statements, I would become more and more confused. I thought I was being charged 1.72 percent per transaction, but when I looked closely at the statement I was also being charged non-qualified fees, qualified fees, international fees. It all got to be overwhelming. When I would call them to ask what the fees were for they would avoid answering my question and instead offer me a lower processing rate.

It turns out that merchant services can often bill their customers any amount that they like for certain things on top of the actual processing fees which are a percentage taken on each credit card sale. That fee I can understand but when they start billing for online insights and junk like that, it is time to find a better way to accept credit cards.

Alternative Ways to Accept Credit Cards

I recommend two basic ways to accept cards without a merchant service. One is via a Square reader and another is via Pay Pal. There are also services that now handle these transactions without traditional merchant fees. It pays to research them online. Some companies work with multiple merchants at a time thereby eliminating the need for individual companies to have to pay for an account.

To use Square, you simply apply online and order a free Square reader. You also download the app. The reader is a tiny square that is inserted into your phone or tablet or POS system any time you want to take a card. The app will display an interface that reads the card and lets you enter the amount of the charge. Once the card is accepted you can either e-mail your customer the receipt or print it out.

Credit Cards

The money is deposited into your chosen bank account with the fees already taken out. You only pay a transaction fee when you swipe a card. It is much less expensive than any merchant service. Learn more here.

Paypal offers an inexpensive service, too. You need to insert the cart button code into your website code to get it to display online. When customers want to buy something, they just click the button and enter their card information. You get charged one low fee for each transaction. Break free of merchant fees and start taking credit cards without expensive merchant services today. Get in touch here: https://highrisk.solutions for more information