People that haven’t ever lived in a foreign country probably don’t realize how safe, secure, and inexpensive the US Postal Service is compared to other places. Not only are they faster than nearly every country, especially of this size, but they have a wide variety of other services that can be utilized as well. One of the most commonly used is the USPS Mail Forwarding service that forwards your mail to your new permanent or temporary address so you don’t miss important letters and packages. Here are some tips on how to use mail forwarding and how to cancel USPS mail forwarding as well.

If You Change Your Address You Can Forward Your Mail

No matter whether the move is just for a few months or if it’s permanent, you can have the US Postal Service send all of your mail to your new or temporary address. If the move is only going to be for a little while, for instance less than 15 days, you shouldn’t use the service. However, for lengths of 15 days to 120 days you can fill out the forwarding forms and get started. You can also extend the service for an additional 120 if you need to as well.

You can use online forms to do the job too. All you have to do is go online to the website and fill out the forms. They’ll charge you $1.00 to your credit card in order to securely identify you to block identity thieves. When doing the change in person, be sure to bring your government issued ID or other identification for the same reason, but there is no charge.

All of your mail will be sent each day, not congregated into a large bundle, so there is no delay beyond the additional travel time. Plus, in most locations, you’ll receive a bundle of coupons and lists of local services that help the Postal Service keep rates low and pay for the costs of forwarding.

Premium Forwarding Services Are Also Available

With this service, your mail will be saved and bundled, then sent by priority mail to wherever you are. There is a set up fee and a weekly fee to cover the costs of the service and the minimum amount of time for use is 14 days with the maximum up to 1 year. The typical day of bundling and sending is Wednesday of each week.

If you require each letter or package sent daily then you can enroll in Premium Forwarding Priority Mail Express which will send the mail each day by priority mail rather waiting for it to accumulate for a weekly bundle.

If You Wish To Cancel Your USPS Mail Forwarding Service

You can cancel your USPS mail forwarding online by going to the website. They’ll need the confirmation code from the original confirmation email that they sent to you when you enrolled to verify your identity. The same confirmation code is also sent to your new address on the first day of delivery in an order confirmation letter.

If you wish to cancel your USPS forwarding in person, merely go to the post office and show them your ID and they’ll quickly take care of the task for you. It’s important that you carry your ID in order to verify who you are to stop mail thieves and maintain security. For more information visit