A great way to keep up with the new releases from independent pattern companies or to the fashion trend! Here are few of the stylish high fashion sewing patterns.

Have a Stevie Jean Jacket, it definitely taps the oversized jean jacket trend. This pattern has quite a number of top stitches, every seam of this jacket is top stitched. The tabs of the jacket on the bottom are functioning, the welt pockets open up to full sized pocket bags.

The Style Arc Jemma is a loosely fitted woven dress with rectangular panels, a flared 3/4 length sleeves and a back closure compromising a button and a loop. The inspiration for this dress is from an expensive denim patchwork dress.

There is a clever pattern of a blouse, it creates a beautiful drape at the front while leaving the back of the blouse looking like a regular shirt. A perfect combination with this dotty blouse is a cami or a press stud to close the crossover at the front.  Here are some helpful hints to do the dotty blouse! Cut out the pattern, take note the grain lines and the notes written on the pattern pieces. This can assist you in the construction of the top. Firmly lay the pattern on the fabric, pin, mark and cut. All notches on the pattern must be marked and clipped. The front body of the fabric turns back on itself, be sure that you have bought a fabric that has no right or wrong side. The neck tuck on the right side is stitched to the inside, the neck tuck on the left side should be facing the opposite side. Make sure that the seam allowance is 1 centimeter or 3/8 inch and the internal seam is 6 millimeter or 1/4 inch.

Try making a poppy zip top! Surely this is included in the trend. The back hem facing and the side hem facing seam has an allowance of about 2.7 centimeter or 1 inch and is located beyond the side back pleat seam. The allowance and location is done to minimize the bulk at the pleat fold, make sure that the mark of the notches at the hemline is carefully on both of the body panels and facing. This poppy zip top has two versions, the sleveless version or the short sleeve style.

Lastly, try the Mardi dress. For the dress detail, it has a strap threaded through chanel, a folded edge, an elastic chanel and ties for the front view and for the back view, it has a roleau strap and soft gathers. First, sew the main and lining shoulder seam together. With the right sides together, pin the bodice in place, the top shoulder edge should fold to the inside.  Sew the main to the lining, once it is in place. Sew the same on the neck edge. Catch the 3 millimeter or 1/8 inch of elastic at each end. Sew above 4 millimeter above lower stitch and sink stitch through seam to create a lower elastic casing. Lastly, thread the ties through.