Get your wardrobe ready for the hot summer outings! When the summer time comes, the temperature rises thus we recommend dresses or tops and shorts combination.

Have a very simple wrap dress pattern, this pattern is perfect for skill level beginners. An infinity dress is adorable in one sunny afternoon, the dress together with its pattern can be worn in 20 different styles that can be perfect for your spring and summer.

A summer outfit won’t be complete without a short!  The skill level required to complete this Iris Shorts is beginner level, you do not have to worry about it! Here are the pattern and technique of an Iris Shorts. This is a simple, cute and easy and quick to sew shorts, you can make it with your desired color. The pockets can be set into the front side seam, and have an optional close with buttons pocket at the back. The zipper of the shorts measures 4 and a half inch inseam length and closed with an invisible side zipper.

A chic and fabulous outfit? Knit a new dress and top, a beautiful feminine twist for a front style will be perfect for modern drape fluid lightweight knits. Here is the pattern for your top and dress, make it with passion! It requires an advanced beginner skill level to complete the task. The pull-on dress and top have a V-shaped front neckline, the back neckline has a bound shape, the center front and back seams have a bound shape also. Whereas, the waist is elasticated. A feature of gently twisted and drape detail is seen on both of the dress and tops at the front waist. The top finishes at the lower hip while the dress ends at just below the knee. With a narrow stitched hems, a cap length Dolman sleeve and hemlines are completed. The said styles are your wardrobe essentials for this hot and warm weather!

A summer outfit will not be complete without a summer bag! Before you sew your summer bag, think of whether you have to tote heavy loads to make sure that the stitches are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear it goes through each day it is used. Here are some techniques to strengthen your tote bag.

Use double stitch and/or top stitch seams to add strength to the tote bag. Double stitch requires you to stitch the first seam and then stitch it again within the seam allowance, the allowance should be one-eighth away from the first seam line. The top stitch catches the seam allowances in the stitching. Try to use a contrasting thread from the bag’s color to make the top stitch grab some attention.

As it is hard to look and choose for patterns, deciding which fabric and style to use is another story. Here are some you can look into:

  • Chelsea Rose, with a 3% elastane, the stretchy cotton can make you funky and comfortable
  • Rayon Challis, an ideal for your summer sewing
  • And the most popular, Blossom range.