If you are the owner or renter of a home, then you need to make sure that the lawn is well cared for. However, this can be a daunting task for those who aren’t well versed in the matter. Among the countless things that you need to know in order to keep the grass looking great is the correct height for mowing the lawn.

Ways To Maintain A Grass

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to mow the grass too short. Although you might believe that this will save time between mowings, it is actually not going to benefit your lawn or you. If you are whacking the grass on the lowest setting of your mower, stop today.

Generally speaking, your grass should be between three and four inches in height. When you cut it shorter than that, the lawn become more inviting to pests.

A huge problem associated with a short lawn is water loss. If your grass is too short, the water that has been used to hydrate the soil will evaporate rather than being fully taken in by the soil. This just wastes your water.

Because the water is not seeping into the depths of the soil, the roots of your grass won’t go there. As a result, your grass will have shallow roots. This leads to weaker greenery and the potential for bigger problems later on down the line.


On the flip side, perhaps your lawn is overgrown. If this is your first time mowing it in a while, you need to minimize the amount of grass that you take off per mowing. Only remove one-third of the grass height with any single mowing. This might mean that you have to mow three or four times in order to get your lawn under control. Wait at least a couple of days between mowings for best results.

Beautifully Mowed Lawn

In order to have a beautifully mowed lawn, you need to be sure that your lawn mower is in good shape. Have the blade sharpened at least once per year. Depending on your mower and lawn, you might need to add a second professional sharpening to keep your unit up to par.

You are more likely to need a second sharpening if you have a very large lawn. Likewise, the type of grass and greenery that is growing in your lawn can lead to faster dulling of the blade.


If you aren’t sure at what height your grass should be, take a measuring tape outside to see. Place the end with lower numbers on the soil. Then, find the three and four inch mark lines. This is the height that your lawn should be once you have finished mowing.


Taking care of your home requires a great deal of work. These tasks include maintenance tasks inside and outside of the home. Now that you have learned the proper height for cutting grass, you should be well on your way to making your lawn look fantastic. Then, you can focus your energies on getting your garden in gear! Get to know more here : http://discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-west-chester