As you look at the many different FPGA boards that are offered by Xilinx, you should have no problem at all choosing one that is going to speed up your processor. Most of them are going to be very effective, but there are two that are actually considered to be the best in the industry. There is the Spartan which is extremely popular, and the shop Artix7 FPGA. Here are some specs on each one to help you make a decision on which one will be the best for you and the computer that you are building or upgrading.

Why You Should Upgrade Your FPGAs

One of the main reasons for upgrading is that programs and software change over time. The speed of your computer is going to diminish every time that you upgrade software that you have purchased a few years ago. They are going to run much faster, but only if you have the hardware to do so. That is where upgrading your FPGAs come in.

Xilinx Spartan FPGAs

This particular field programmable gate array is popular for a couple different reasons. It uses over 2 Mb of RAM. This means it’s going to be extremely fast, plus it also has four clock tiles. It also uses what are called phased locked loops. The speed is going to be improved because it is using 128 MB. However, the other one is just as good, but for different reasons which may help with the gaming computer that you are building.

Xilinx Artix FPGAs

These are little bit different. They have far more logic slices, possessing almost 16,000 of them. The kilobits are almost 5000, and it has six clock tiles instead of four. The DSP slices are well above the 58 of the previous model, coming in at 240. However, it only has 16 MB of cellular RAM, and this might not be enough for certain games or programs that you are going to be running.

If you can, start looking for these products online. You can see reviews of both of them. You may also see something else that you like better. However, you need to take the time to organize your searches, compare the information, and decide what will work best with your computer. By the end of the week, you should have one of these boards, or both of them, ordered and installed in your computer. It’s always good to use the latest technology, and these are definitely top-of-the-line FPGAs that you should have in your PC.